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Purchasing and interacting with computers can be an intimidating task. Everyone at Seventh Son is a highly trained and experienced computing professional. With our extensive technical background we can design computer solutions to fill all of your needs, from building computers to designing your personal or business web pages. Whatever your computing needs may be, Seventh Son will get it done!

Seventh Son offers several different options for business and/or the individual. In addition to advanced computer configurations and web design we can help you learn how to use your computer more efficiently by training you on number of different levels. We have over 20 years of cross-platform operating system and application experience. This means that we can help you learn how to use you PC, Mac or even how to integrate both of them together. Seventh Son can also answer all of your questions. We can consult with you about what is best for your needs at home or at your business.

We pride ourselves on our expertise. We will not sell you equipment you don't need! We will not take advantage of limited computer knowledge to charge you more for service. We will sit down with you and explain the things we do so you are not in the dark.

Contact us today by e-mail or phone to learn more about how Seventh Son can make all of you computer solutions possible.


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